Weasel Woman
Weasel Woman in Radioactive Man #412.
Character Information
Real Name Louise Weeshall
Group Affiliation(s) Superior Squad
Nickname(s) Weesie
Powers Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Senses


Retractable Steel Claws/Fingernails

Weasel Woman is a fictional character, a superheroine and longtime member of the Superior Squad.


Weasel Woman's nickname "Weesie" may have come from Louise Jefferson or real-life comics writer Louise Simonson, both of whom have the same nickname. Because of her claws and mêlée-based fighting style, Weasel Woman serves most often as a parody of Wolverine. Not only does she have a similar power set; her claws make a similar sound when she retracts them: "SNAK"[1] to Wolverine's "SNIKT."

Fictional BiographyEdit

Originally a homemaker, Louise "Weesie" Weeshall went on a camping trip with her family when a rabid ferret attacked her. Although anyone else would have gotten rabies, Louise gained superhuman powers. She thought a weasel attacked her, though, so she took on the identity of Weasel Woman. She became a charter member of the Superior Squad, adventuring with them from the first issue.[2]

In a group of very strong personalities, Weasel Woman often acts as one of the more opinionated members. In Radioactive Man's absence, she vies with Plasmo or Miles Mando over leadership.[1]


Weasel Woman has superhuman agility, speed, vision, and sense of smell. She also has fingernails made of a "rigidium polymer" that she can extend and retract at will;[1] whether she inherited this attribute from the rabid ferret remains a mystery. Although she usually fights with her claws, Weasel Woman has also wielded a whip in battle.[2] She has also mentioned an ability to communicate with animals.[3]

As sometimes happens with superpowered beings, her powers can work to her detriment. Weasel Woman has an allergy to cat fur that her heightened senses only exacerbate.[4]


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