Magmo as he appears in Radioactive Man #88.
Character Information
Real Name Magmo
Nickname(s) The Lava Man
Powers Superhuman strength, superhuman durability, molten skin, energy blasts

Magmo the Lava Man is a fictional character, a recurring antagonist towards Radioactive Man.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Magmo comes from a race of lava people who live in the earth's core. After a fight between the Superior Squad and Hypno Head, Radioactive Man had to dispose of a malfunctioning miniaturized nuclear reactor. He accomplished this by submerging it in Zenith City's drinking water. Its subsequent explosion created a fissure in the earth. A nearby geological research project drilled in the earth a short time later, and from these fissures Magmo found a way to reach the surface.

Now at the surface, Magmo wanted to find a way to rule and enslave humanity as he ruled his underground people. His attempts ultimately met with defeat, as Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy enveloped him in asbestos and sent him back down into the underworld.[1]


Magmo's skin feels extremely hot to the touch. He has massive strength and durability, and he has the ability to fire superheated, deadly "Lava Bolts."[2]

Other AppearancesEdit

Magmo—going by simply "Lava Man"—appears as the boss of the third level of Bartman Meets Radioactive Man.


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