Lure Lass
Lure Lass in Simpsons Super Spectacular #3.
Character Information
Real Name Laura Lasser
Group Affiliation(s) Superior Squad
Powers Chaos Magic



Reality Warping

Lure Lass is a fictional character, a superheroine and member of the Superior Squad. As most characters in the Radioactive Man comics spoof existing superheroes, Lure Lass is clearly based on the Scarlet Witch. The two have similar appearances and nearly identical ways of using their superpowers.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Lure Lass has served with the Superior Squadron in World War II and the Superior Squad in the present day. In both, she works with Captain Squid, with whom she feels an infatuation. Unfortunately, while Captain Squid feels the same way and often has the same thoughts, the two could never communicate this to each other, so to date no romance has blossomed between the pair.[1]

Lure Lass also dated a non-superhero named Brad Bradley for some time. She would later unmask Brad as a member of the alien invaders known as the Krullers. Bug Boy vaporized Brad shortly after. In Weasel Woman #34 and Purple Badge of Courage #89, Lure Lass would try and fail to find a "real" human Brad Bradley.[2]


Lure Lass has mystical "alluring" powers that allow her to make others attracted to her. These powers don't work on robots for obvious reasons.[3]


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