Gretchen Grille as she appears in the Radioactive Man 80 pg. Colossal.

Gretchen Grille is a fictional character, a friendly rival of Gloria Grand. She works for WZEN as a society reporter, often transitioning from top news of the day to "lighter" news items.[1] Like Gloria, she harbors romantic feelings for Radioactive Man but can't stand his civilian identity, Claude Kane III. Unlike Gloria—who makes her dislike of Claude plain—Gretchen has a disingenuous personality. She acts pleasant and nice toward both Claude and Gloria in person, yet she privately dislikes both.[2]

In later appearances, her romantic rivalry with Gloria parallels that of Betty and Veronica of Archie Comics, with each of them vying for the heart of Radioactive Man.[3]


Gretchen and Gloria have all the same initials, just like their respective inspirations, Lana Lang and Lois Lane.


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