Captain Squid
Captain Squid in Bongo Super-Heroes #7.
Character Information
Real Name Unknown
Group Affiliation(s) Superior Squad
Powers Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed



Enhanced Senses

Telepathy & Mind Control Of Sea Creatures

Shape-Shifting Tentacles

Captain Squid is a fictional character, a superhero and a member of the Superior Squad. He occasionally appears on The Simpsons as well, but not to the extent of Radioactive Man. An aquatic hero, he often spoofs Aquaman or Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Captain Squid is the last of an undersea race of humanoid part-squid creatures. He first appeared in March 1939 in Captain Squid #1. He eventually moved to Bay City to fight crime and for human contact and the ability to clean the mildew out of his costume. He joined the Superior Squadron and soon gained a sidekick, Li'l Squiddie. While the rest of the squadron went to Europe to fight Hitler, Captain Squid patrolled the oceans, going on adventures of his own.[1]

In 1960, Captain Squid had a falling-out with his sidekick over a tainted can of cuttlefish. As a result, he moved to Zenith and joined the Superior Squad.[2]

In both the Superior Squadron and Superior Squad, he works with Lure Lass, with whom he feels an infatuation. Unfortunately, while Lure Lass feels the same way and often has the same thoughts, the two could never communicate this to each other, so to date no romance has blossomed between the pair.

Unlike most other superheroes, Captain Squid has no separate civilian identity. He works full-time as Captain Squid.[2]


Captain Squid's gloves conceal that he doesn't have real hands. Instead, he has freakish, squid-like tentacles that can extend and stick to objects. Although he feels very self-conscious about his tentacles, they grant him superhuman strength and an advanced swimming ability. Thanks to his fishlike anatomy, he can go for very long periods without breathing and he speaks dolphin—[1][2]but he also constantly smells like fish.[1] He also has the ability to telepathically communicate with aquatic organisms, even large groups of unicellular ones.[3]


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