Bug Boy
Bug Boy as he appears in Radioactive Man #575.
Character Information
Real Name Dr. Bix Bentley, Jr.; Bix 32-22-7
Group Affiliation(s) Superior Squad
Powers Insect Telepathy


Bug Boy is a fictional character, a superhero, professor, talk show pundit, member of the Superior Squad, and an associate of Radioactive Man.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Dr. Bix Bentley first appeared in Tales to Bewilder #27 in January 1954. He showed his genius from an early age, gaining it from his extremely intelligent parents, who raised him in Cowhunk, Ohio.[1] His buglike appearance came from accidentally wandering into a test site for insecticides. By his 12th birthday, he had used his newfound buglike powers and intellect to become a founding member of the Superior Squad, based in Zenith City.[2][3]

My Date With Bug Boy #7 (June 1957) completely retcons Bug Boy's backstory. He was in fact born as Bix 32-22-7 on the planet Kranium-4. There, his intelligence was actually considered substandard. Looking through a telescope, he saw the planet Earth; he thought he could impress his superiors by transmuting it into a giant potato. He stole an interstellar ship and a power source to get there, but he accidentally blew up his entire planet with the exhaust. The ship crashed in a farm in Cowhunk, Ohio. The couple who ran the farm took him in as their own.[1]

Dr. Bentley serves as the brains of the Superior Squad, a role similar to Beast, Ant-Man, or The Atom. To his annoyance, Radioactive Man often seeks his assistance in removing the lightning bolt-shaped shrapnel embedded in his head. An attempt to simply pull it out turned Radioactive Man into Dark Radioactive Man.[4] In Radioactive Man #812, an attempt to trim it in a manner flush with Radioactive Man's head caused his internal nuclear reactor to reach critical mass, nearly incinerating Zenith.[5]

Of the various members of the Superior Squad, Bug Boy shows the lowest comfort level with life as a superhero. At one point, he abandoned his superhero moniker and simply went by his real name.[3] He still remains the smartest member of the team. He also has the best financial sense; he shrewdly trademarks his superhero identity and makes a fortune from the licensing rights (also spoofing Ozymandias in the process).[6]

Although the other denizens of Kranium-4 have little respect for Bug Boy's intelligence, at one point they nevertheless tried—and failed—to take him back to his home planet against his will.[7]


Bug Boy has a limited flying—or "flitting"—ability. He also has the ability to telepathically communicate with insects and an immunity to insecticides such as DDT, malathion, diazinone, and chlordane.[2]

Most prominently, Bug Boy has peak human intelligence. He has an IQ of 350 and can teach English to mosquitoes.[1] He claims to have the ability to compute "the last derivative of π."[2] (Any derivative of a constant function equals zero.)


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