Bobby Bonds present and future in Radioactive Man 80 pg. Colossal.

Bobby Bonds is a fictional character, a production assistant for WZEN in Zenith City based on Jimmy Olsen. He works for Gloria Grand, who treats him poorly. In Radioactive Man #22, he brings her a sandwich with sesame seeds. Gloria, who hates sesame seeds, made him pick all of them off.

Shortly after, Gloria accidentally transported herself 40 years into the future through an alien saucer. There she met Bobby again, now a news anchor for WZEN. He had so much lingering anger over Gloria's indignities that he had her thrown out of the WZEN building.[1]

Despite his animosity toward Gloria, he still signed a photo for Radioactive Man, which the Irradiated Crusader keeps on the wall of his Containment Dome.[2]


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